The Power Grid is Prime for an Update.
In an increasing energy-dependent world, isn’t it strange that the power grid still acts like a “landline telephone”? Out-dated 19th-century technology will NOT keep up with 21st century needs. It simply cannot. 
Energy innovation and ever-increasing power needs, find leverage through the Green Blockchain. Green provides a provable process in which energy from the power grid (or an alternative source, like solar, wind, etc) can be ‘inverted’ through the Proof of Power process. In this new state, it can be digitally held, transferred, or shared using blockchain technology.
Proof of Power
The rules for consumer participation and energy production are open and have been for some time. The obstacle has been having a ‘buyer’ or delivery method for new production in a sustainable way. Through the Proof of Power process, the Green Blockchain provides a new way to effectively sell, hold or share any energy production peer to peer. 
Set Power Free
Through the Proof of Power process, Green and the Green Blockchain provide a new way to effectively capture, store and share energy peer to peer. The most obvious use case for this technology is in providing power support to blockchains that require increasing amounts of energy, but it also can be leveraged to give orphaned grid power providers a path to use their product, making green the first blockchain based technology to set power free.